Class Schedule

Pop’s Gym offers an array of classes for members. All classes are free unless otherwise noted. We offer modifications to accommodate ALL fitness levels. Our current class schedule is listed below:

12:15-1:00pm Upper Body Strength with Spencer

Available All Day Whiteboard Workout

5:30-6:15pm HIIT with Hannah

6:30-7:00am Sprint Intervals w/ Cort ($10 for all)

12:00-12:45pm HIIT w/Hannah

12:15-1:00pm Lower Body Strength w/Spencer


12:00-12:45pm HIIT w/ Hannah

Sprint Intervals = 30 minutes of nonstop cardio intervals

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training (Interval based training using cardio, body weight and/or weights, heavier on cardio)

Strength = Strength building exercises using body weight, free weight or machines (Heavier on strength)

TRX 101 = Use TRX suspension trainers to elevate your heart rate and build strength